Election 2012: Lurching Towards Infamy

It’s that special time of year – that season that happens every four years in the US – when ordinary citizens thrashed into a state of hysteria, a near madness brought on by two long years of endless campaigning and speculation by an audience-hungry mega-media, (“Just look what this dickwad did!   Aren’t you shocked?  You didn’t see it?  How about if we play it 20 more times??!), finally lurch into the voting booths to elect our next President.    

The scariest part?  We are actually so crazed and strung out that a lot of otherwise sensible, normal human beings are actually planning on voting for Mitt Romney.   Yes folks – people are seriously considering electing a President who wants to resume the policies of George W Bush – the guy who brought us the global financial crash and the great Depression of 2008!!    Somehow, an attack on the US embassy in Libya “proves” Obama is incompetent and untrustworthy - yet 9/11, the worst terrorist attack on American soil, made “W” Bush a hero?  How is that exactly? 

The only explanation that makes any sense is that people have actually lost their minds.  We are actually whipped into such an irrational frenzy that no one is actually considering how President Romney will be able to stack the Supreme Court – so Citizen’s United – remember the decision handed us by the Bush Supreme Court which allows for Corporations and wealthy individuals to dump unlimited funds into campaigns? - will not only remain the law of the land but no doubt be reinforced with other anti-Democratic laws both equally heinous and way worse.  (Ladies, how about being convicted for murder after terminating an unwanted pregnancy?   Under Romney/Ryan this is a real scenario.)

As I write this we are hunkered down at home, bracing ourselves for the juggernaut “Hurricane Sandy” a Category 1 hurricane /winter storm guaranteed to wreak havoc on NY and Long Island unknown since the Hurricane of 1938.    We are both stressed and unwell but the impending storm has little to do with this.  Neither one of us can sleep at night and I am coming down with what looks like a case of Shingles.
Obama does NOT approve of the Citizen’s United decision.  If elected to a second term he would work to replace some of the worst Justices on the court and reverse this decision so our next election isn’t co-opted and held hostage by billionaire clowns like Sheldon Adelson and Charles and David Koch.  

Because of the Bush tax cuts these wealthiest 1% now have more money at their disposal than they probably ever had.   More money than could ever be spent in multiple lifetimes.  They’re certainly rich enough to “create” enough jobs to put the entire world back to work.  But they haven’t done it.   Why? How much longer do we have to wait?    Are they punishing us for electing a Democratic President?  Why should these people have so much power in the first place?    How about bringing all that money back into circulation through TAXES – you know – so it actually gets spent here in the US instead of being hoarded in the Cayman Islands??

Why do Americans do this?  Why do we continually elect Presidents who will NOT act in our best interests – only in the interests of their rich buddies?   We vote for Presidents like “W” Bush – or don’t bother to vote at all - and then when things get worse and worse we mutter about how we need some kind of bloody “revolution” to change things – when all we had to do was think about what we were doing before voting!    When you challenge people on this they come up with ultimate cop-out “oh they’re all crooks.”  “Why bother?” they say which is code language for “I hate having to actually think or take any kind responsibility for the world we live in” - as if it’s just a matter of who to blame.  And if they’re “all” crooks why not vote for the guy who’ll at least get you affordable healthcare and a break on your taxes (Obama) instead of the guy who wants to privatize everything (Mitt) and f*ck you 6 ways til Sunday???

How Paul Ryan can run on a platform of fiscal responsibility is a complete mystery.  Ryan has already served in Congress for THIRTEEN YEARS – in which he okay’d two disastrous wars, two huge tax cuts, and a prescription drug entitlement that created the bulk of our current (massive) deficit.  At the time, under “W” Bush’s presidency, Ryan said the spending was needed to stimulate the economy – then proceeded to blame Obama for the mess he helped create (and still having the nerve to request $20 million in stimulus funding for his district.)

The rest of the world is watching in horror.  A Romney/Ryan administration will no doubt mean starting more wars – possible even a disastrous confrontation in Iran – all in the service of enriching war profiteers and starving our already bled-out system and using it for currency to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security – which is what the GOP has wanted all along.  Since FDR first implemented the social safety nets in the 1930’s – since Lyndon Johnson brought us Medicare - their biggest wet dream is to be rid of these simple things that have kept so many people from starving and dying in the street.  Because they do not care.  The Koch brothers, the Bushes, the Romneys – these people will roll up the iron gates and hire security guards with guns and retreat into their luxurious caves - and as for us – well we can all go f*ck ourselves.    They will drive over our broken bodies in the street.   Because with Medicare replaced by “vouchers” worth $6,000 per year that’s exactly where most of us will be.

Why do we root for scrappy underdog heroes like Luke Skywalker, Frodo Baggins, Harry Potter and George Bailey at the movies and then elect Darth Vader, Sauron, Valdemort and Mr Potter to run everything in our real lives??  Don’t let it happen this time!  Elect the guy who really did come up from “nothing”, the man whose had to work all his life, the man who helped people as a community Organizer, Vote to Re-Elect Barack Obama!!